Comparison between FTP Attachments® Basic & Pro

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FTP Attachments® Product Comparison Chart


FTP Attachments® Basic           

FTP Attachments® Pro            

Attachment Storage on Individual Server

Allows user to store attachments within own storage server,
with unlimited storage space & larger file support when 
compared to Salesforce attachments. Supported Storage servers
are FTP, Application, SFTP, Amazon S3

Supports for Salesforce Standard & Custom Objects

Allows user to integrate FTP Attachments® for both
Standard and Custom objects in Salesforce.

Data Ownership (users/organization)

User won't be worried about the official attachment
access to unknown sources.

Salesforce Reports

Easy to generate Salesforce Reports for attachments
which is unlike Standard Salesforce attachments.

Restrict/Allow duplicate file names & extensions

FTP Attachments® can restrict your users to attach
specific types of files. Additionally can avoid users for
duplicate file attachments for same record.

Document Version (allotting versions)

You can maintain different versions of your document/files
and can easily refer older version of the same document/files.

View & Monitor

Easy access to history of all attachments(who had performed what)
and reports can be generated over those details.

Organized Storage structure for Attachments

Attachments are organized in such manner so one can even access
them directly from your server without referring Salesforce.

Send Email by Salesforce with FTP Attachments®

Enables users to send email from Salesforce with FTP Attachments™
as attachment/link to their emails.

Embedded Web Service API's  

FTP Attachments® used Web Service API which enables you to integrate
FTP Attachments® with any other application and even allows your own
application to import FTP Attachments® from  other sources (if required). 

Supports Salesforce Communities & Customer Portal

Use FTP Attachments® in your Salesforce Communities which is
advantageous for your customers to cut their Storage cost.

Multiple Servers

Attachments can be stored on different servers depending on which
record file is being attached.

E.g. Depending on the country attachments will be stored in
their respective country FTP servers.

(Additional charges applicable)
Migrator Tool

The tool migrates existing attachments on the Salesforce to the FTP



(Additional charges applicable)

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